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The 40 DVD can only be sold in the United States and Canada at this time. Please call Ignatius Press at 800.651.1531 for more information.

A digital version of the film can be rented for $2.99 or purchased for $6.99 through our Vimeo Store.

Special Features

Trailer: 40 pre-production trailer previews this powerful pro-life documentary film that takes on the heated issue of abortion in our nation that refuses to go away. Approximately 3 Minutes
The Making of 40 Director and Producer John Morales shares his motivation for making 40 and his moving story of being not only post abortive but the father of an adopted son. Approximately 5 Minutes
Official Premiere Feature on the theatrical red carpet world premiere of 40 on December 11, 2013 at the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, Illinois. Approximately 3 Minutes
Aid For Women – Janessa’s Story Janessa shares the story of her unplanned pregnancy, the help she received at Aid for Women, and her inspirational journey of motherhood. Approximately 4 Minutes
Face The Truth Tour Face the Truth is a bold public initiative that tears the mask off of “choice” and shows the truth about abortion. Approximately 3 Minutes
To Be Born A young woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy that seeks to have an abortion. In the midst of the procedure, she hears her unborn daughter begin to describe the chilling details of what is happening to her. Approximately 15 Minutes
40 Study Guide Available for educational use in middle, high school and universities The 40 film is divided into 13 short segments, each addressing a different aspect of the abortion issue. This study guide offers additional resources as well as discussion questions educators at all levels may use in their classrooms.
Language Options The 40 DVD contains English and Spanish subtitles, where applicable. To Be Born, part of the Special Features section, contains an English and Spanish version of the film.
WARNING: DVDs are licensed for home use only. It is illegal to show this movie in a public setting such as a church, school or organization’s hall without a 40 license. That applies even if you are not charging admission. For more information and to obtain a 40 license, please go to or call Cindy Morales direct at 847-803-4003.

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