Not Only Does the Pill Kill: It Doesn’t Always Work

By Cynthia A. Morales

My husband’s documentary film 40, which looks at abortion 40 years after Roe v. Wade, premiered Dec. 11, 2013 at the Pickwick Theatre in suburban Chicago, IL The film opens with Yvonne Florczak-Seeman, a post abortive woman who had 5 abortions. Her powerful testimony unfolds throughout the film. The day after the 40 film premiered, I received this email:

Message: I attended the premiere last night. It was a well done film. I just kept thinking – what about birth control??? If the woman who had five abortions had the knowledge re: birth control, access to it OR money for it – she never would have conceived 5 times.

Paula has been, it appears, was educated in a school system that introduces birth control to students as early as middle school. In the school system that serves my area, Planned Parenthood or its local equivalent come into the schools sophomore year of high school to inform the students they can get free birth control without their parents’ knowledge or permission. Teenagers solemnly believe with the force of dogma that if they practice “safe sex” they will not get pregnant.

But it is not true. This is how I responded to Paula:

Hi Paula,

We did not address birth control in the 40 film, but I do want to chat about it a bit with you, since you mention it!

Birth control is not an answer to preventing abortions. I know it seems counter intuitive, but it is true.

Are you aware that 54% of all women walking into an abortion clinic are ON BIRTH CONTROL THE MONTH THEY GET PREGNANT? (This statistic is from the Guttmacher Institute, the former arm of Planned Parenthood).

Birth control fails. Condoms break, people forget the pill, IUDs slip. All forms of birth control just plain fail. Obviously they don’t fail every time, but often enough to cause the statistic above. Most importantly, birth control leads to what has been called ‘the contraceptive mentality” which is the idea that you can separate the act of sex with the act of procreation. Or the idea that sex doesn’t make babies, unsafe sex makes babies! The overwhelming message given to young people in “health” class in high school is “be safe. Use birth control instead of “be safe, use self- control.”

Once you have created these false expectations then women “need” abortions for “unintended” pregnancy. This is why in Casey v. Planned Parenthood (1992) the Supreme Court affirms the “necessity” of abortion.

The only way pregnancy is unintended is if one is living in some fake world where sex doesn’t make babies. That isn’t our world. In our world that is what sex is for. In fact, from a strictly biological perspective, we are DNA replicators, and nothing more. Just like every other animal we are born to breed and die.

Obviously there is more to a person than the biological perspective. But birth control is damaging spiritually as well. From a spiritual perspective, sex (which should be termed “the marital act” to give it its proper understanding) is a TOTAL SELF- GIVING because it is an act of love, and love is totally self-giving. When a couple uses birth control they are saying to each other: “I DON’T totally give myself to you. I am withholding my fertility.” and “I DON’T accept all of you. I REJECT your fertility.” In other words, they are lying to each other. Lying destroys trust. No trust. No long term relationship. Also, what the couple is really doing to each other is using each other instead of participating in a loving act. Use is the opposite of love. Does this make sense? Feel free to write back to me if you want to chat more.

Cindy Morales

I never heard back from Paula. I hope that the information I shared with her helped to change her perspective on birth control.

Posted on May 26, 2014 in News

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